Mary Morgan Keenan

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Blind Sailing

Worked on the Olin Adaptive Sailing Team to create a system that enables blind sailors to compete in match races autonomously.

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Created voice-controlled smart mirror and cabinet system that can show a variety of information as well as open and close in the middle.

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Designed and built Android app that connects aspiring activists to small-scale, crowd-sourced social movements.

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Face Recognition

Wrote the code for and compared two methods of facial recognition, the Eigenface and Linear Correlation methods.

About Me

Hi! My name is Mary Keenan, and I’m a sophomore at Olin College of Engineering. I’m majoring in Computing, and I'm interested in programming, specifically Backend Development. I graduated from high school with full honors, and I have continued to excel academically in college, because I am hard-working, ambitious, persistent, and a team player.

  • The Blind Sailing and Spectre projects relied almost exclusively on Python, and I’ve used it for everything from word processing, interfacing with Arduinos, networking, REST calls, and so on to creating a smart mirror that can display a variety of information gathered from various APIs.

  • From modeling the Hohmann Transfer Orbit to creating two pieces of facial recognition software and a number of other projects, including the foam boat project, I've reached the level of competency necessary to begin teaching the basics of MATLAB to first-year students.

  • Custom adapters, SQL databases, HTTP requests, and Android APIs, oh my! Over the course of my Mobile Prototyping class, I’ve learned a lot about mobile development, and my final project utilized Firebase, a NoSQL cloud database. Between you and me, NoSQL beats SQL anyday.

  • I created a bike light. Next, a 3D scanner. Then, a line following robot. And soon, a revolutionary engineering wonder. Or, MoodBot.


3D Printer Space Teaching Assistant

My job responsibilities include training new users on the printers, repairing the printers, and improving the 3D printer space. I worked mostly on creating a wiki page last semester for our printers that included guides for different aspects of printer care, FAQs, common problems and solutions, the printer reservation calendars, and additional 3D printing resources (blogs, interesting things on Thingiverse that people might want to check out).

ModSim Teaching Assistant

Modeling and Simulation of the Physical World (known as ModSim) is one of the classes first-year students take during their first semester. It covers math, physics, and programming (MATLAB) within the context of modeling real systems, like the spread of drugs through a body, or the Hohmann Transfer (one of my projects!), and so on. I help students however I can!

Tour Guide

I’ve been giving regular tours at Olin College of Engineering since June 2016. When I was a prospective student, it was my tour guide, Alex Crease, who convinced me that Olin was the place for me. My hope is that I can inspire equal excitement in younger students. It has the added benefit of allowing me to practice my public-speaking skills. Large groups of people are intimidating, but it gets easier each time!

Soccer Referee

I was a soccer referee for two years during high school. I mostly reffed 4th and 5th graders, so it required a lot more than a simple knowledge of the rules. I learned some valuable people-managing skills — for both children and adults!

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